Service costs depend on your specific needs and your own unique specifications.
We take more time determining a realistic price for service levels which meet
your expectations for quality and customer service.

We always hire specialists for our field so that our customer’s receive the best
care and service. We own, operate and maintain state of the art pool equipment
that does the best job possible and while maintaining a level of productivity
that is second to none. Being a life-long native of Tallahassee, I understand
how hard it can be to find the best possible service at a reasonable price. That
is our goal and promise to you.

If you ever receive services from Premier Pools Tallahassee and are disappointed
for any reason call me personally, and let me know within 24 hours. and I will
personally take care of the problem or you don’t pay. That’s a fact! After making
an appointment for a site inspection I will give you a recommendation. At that
time you can ask me any questions you like. I enjoy the work that I do and this
is just a part of it.